Tallest and Biggest ganesh 2012 at khirtabad,hyderabad

Tallest and Biggest Ganesha 2012 at khirtabad, Hyderabad

      In hyderabad,khairtabad ganesh is one of the tallest and biggest Ganesha which is established during the festival of Vinayaka Chathurthi. Every year the design different models of Vinayaka statue at khairtabad. This year they are going to construct the khairtabad ganesh which is really unique and the height of khairtabad ganesh is almost 56 feet.

       The Lord Ganesha is designed has a Ganesh  is riding a chariot of elephant. Actually the khairtabad ganesh height is 50 feet and about 6 feet you can find the statues of various goddesses like ,Brahma, Saraswati, shiva and laksmi. This time they are going to place the 30 ton laddu on khairtabad ganesh hand. On the right side of the khairtabad ganesh you can redefine the picture of bhavani presenting us sword to shivaji and on the left side of khairtabad ganesh you can get the image of Sun goddesses.

AT 2012 Ganesh



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